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 Recognized By University Grants Commission (UGC)   Recog. by Bar Council of India (BCI) Member of Association of Indian Universities (AIU)  

Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology

Programme Overview

DURATION: Min. Duration 3 Years, Max. Duration 6 Years
ELIGIBILITY: Graduation in any stream or equivalent

The demand for, laboratory testing increasing each year, a significant need exists for MLT professionals, but particularly for individuals with advanced technical knowledge, research skills, management skills, and leadership abilities. We offer bachelor degree programme in Medical Lab Technology to develop leader in health care, helping to guide medical laboratory professionals into the future.

Semester 1

Cours Code Subjects Credits
BSCMLT11 Biochemistry: Chemistry 3
BSCMLT12 Microbiology: General Microbiology 3
BSCMLT13 Haematology: Introduction Haematology 3
BSCMLT14 Anatomy and Histotechnology: Different Body Systems of Human Beings 3
BSCMLT15 L Biochemistry: Chemistry Practical 4
Total Credits 16

Semester 2

Cours Code Subjects Credits
BSCMLT21 Biochemistry: Techniques of Biochemistry 3
BSCMLT22 Microbiology: Techniques 3
BSCMLT23 Basic Cellular Pathology 3
BSCMLT24 Human Anatomy and Physiology 3
BSCMLT25 L Microbiology: Techniques Practical 4
Total Credits 16

Semester 3

Cours Code Subjects Credits
BSCMLT31 Biochemistry: Clinical Aspects 3
BSCMLT32 Applied Microbiology 3
BSCMLT33 Blood Banking and Special Heamatological Tests 3
BSCMLT34 Cytopathology 3
BSCMLT35 L Organization and Ethics Practical 4
Total Credits 16

Semester 4

Cours Code Subjects Credits
BSCMLT41 Biochemistry: Metabolism 3
BSCMLT42 Detailed Techniques of Clinical Microbiology 3
BSCMLT43 Haematology: Haemostatic and Pathology 3
BSCMLT44 Histopathology and Technuques 3
BSCMLT45 L Biochemistry Practical 4
Total Credits 16

Semester 5

Cours Code Subjects Credits
BSCMLT51 General Microbiology 3
BSCMLT52 Methodology of Staining 3
BSCMLT53 Microbial Molecular Genetics 3
BSCMLT54 Applied Immunology 3
BSCMLT55 L Microbial Molecular Genetics Practical 4
Total Credits 16

Semester 6

Cours Code Subjects Credits
BSCMLT61 Virology 3
BSCMLT62 Mycology 3
BSCMLT63 Research Methodology 3
BSCMLT64 P Project 7
Total Credits 16

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