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 Recognized By University Grants Commission (UGC)   Recog. by Distance Education Bureau (DEB) and Tripartite Committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC
Member of Association of Indian Universities (AIU)   Recog. by Bar Council of India (BCI)


Programme Overview

Programe Code:1603
Duration:2 Academic Years
Eligibility Criteria: Completed 3 year LLB Degree or 5 year LLB Degree

LLM is an Internationally-recognized degree available in most countries. With a view to process the reorientation of legal education and to provide sufficient opportunity for specialization in selected field of study as well as to develop research facilities, the Mahatma Gandhi University offers LLM Degree.

Year 1

Cours Code Subjects Credits
LLM 101 Basics of Constitutional Law in India 5
LLM 102 Jurisprudence 5
LLM 103 Modern Theories of Law and State 5
LLM 104 Theory of Legislation 5
LLM 105 Hindu Law 5
LLM 106 Civil Liberty and Judicial Process 5
LLM 107 Law and Justice 5
LLM 108 Method of Interpretation of Statutes 5
LLM 109 Legal Research Methodology 5
LLM 110 Federalism under constitution of India 5
Total Credits 50

Year 2

Cours Code Subjects Credits
LLM 201 Specialization-I (CL1/CC1/IPL1/BL1) 4
LLM 202 Specialization -II (CL2/CC2/IPL2/BL2) 4
LLM 203 Specialization -III (CL3/CC3/IPL3/BL3) 4
LLM 204 Specialization -IV (CL4/CC4/IPL4/BL4) 4
LLM 205 Specialization -V (CL5/CC5/IPL5/BL5) 4
LLM 206 Specialization -VI (CL6/CC6/IPL6/BL6) 4
LLM 207 Specialization -VII (CL7/CC7/IPL7/BL7) 4
LLM 208 Specialization -VIIII (CL8/CC8/IPL8/BL8) 4
LLM 209 Project, Seminar 8
LLM 210 Dissertation, Viva-voce 10
Total Credits 50

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