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I am glad to learn that the Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya is holding its first Convocation on 16th February, 2017 and bringing out its first Newsletter on this occasion.

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Former President of India

Dear Students,
I am delighted to know that Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya is offering skill development programme, certificate, diploma and degree programmes in one campus during the last two years both through direct classroom and distance learning.

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Former President of INDIA

The President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, is happy to know that the Mahatma Gandhi University is organising a Special Scholarship Programme for Girls Students on July 19. 2012 in Delhi. The President extends her warm greetings and felicitations to the organisers and the participants and wishes the event every success.

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Chairperson NAC

I am to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated 9th August, 2012 addressed to Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson, National Advisory Council, regarding the "Mahatma Gandhi University", Meghalaya and to convey our good wishes.

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Minister of Defense INDIA

It is a pleasure to learn that Mahatma Gandhi University has been established at Meghalaya. North-East region has always been and is an integral part of our nation. The establishment of ths University at Meg halay will benefit the people of tribal areas of the state and the region by providing them high quality education.

Your endeavour must be to imbibe in the students virtues such as honesty, integrity and humaneness. Besides meeting the requirements of education of students from the region, I am sure that the University will grant admission to students from other parts of the nation. This will also afford the students an opportunity to have a first-hand experience of 'Unity in Diversity' of the nation.

Hope that the objectives ensirined in the Prospectus of the University will adequately reflect the ideas and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi in the field of education.

Please accept my best wishes for success in your endeavours

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Chief Minister of Uttar Pardesh

I am happy to know that Mahatma Gandhi University Meghalaya has been established with the purpose of dissemination of knowledge and quality education in north eastern states of our country. Higher education helps individuals achieve their potential and improve the quality of life. It is equally important that higher education must inculcate among the students the feeling of social responsibility and community service.

I am confident that the contents of the prospectus would be useful for the students. My best wishes for the success of this endeavour.

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Minister of State (Independent Charge), Development of North Eastern Region, State for Parliamentary Affairs Government of India

It is a matter of immense pleasure to know that the Meghalaya based Mahatma Gandhi University is organizing a "Scholarship Program" on 19th July, 2012 at New Delhi, wherein scholarships will be awarded to the physically challenged and marginalized sections of our society.

As we all know, Mahatma Gandhi was a great internationally known leader who worked tirelessly for the welfare of the people national laying special emphasis to improve education system, to promote unity among Indians and to reform society and eliminate untouchability. I am sure his clarion call and glorious life will continue to inspire the students of the University and our future generations.

The various programmes of the University like skill development and also the incorporation of Learning Management System (LMS), four colour SIM Material, Video Lectures & Industry Speakers being initiated are really praiseworthy.

I am sure, that the University will continue to provide quality education and emerge as a pioneer centre for excellence in North Eastern Region as well as the whole country.

I wish for a grand success of the event.

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Member of Parliament (LOK SABHA)

I am extremely glad to know that the Meghalaya Government has established the "Mahatma Gandhi University" and starting various technical, professional and skill development courses with new latest technology.I am extremely glad to know that the Meghalaya Government has established the "Mahatma Gandhi University" and starting various technical, professional and skill development courses with new latest technology.

The present century is of knowledge society and we are at present in the age of digitization. As such both of them have to conjoin and work with both the hands together. Knowledge governs and conditions our lives in many discernible and subtle ways.

The wealth of a nation consists in the number of educated men and women in its harbours. In a competitive world where global market share is determining winners and losers among nations, it has become increasingly necessary to ensure that, besides a sound education, our students have the ability to engage and win in the global context.

Having embraced the glory of reason, believing that Knowledge is Power. Knowledge is Safety and Knowledge is Happiness. We understand that the Institute can be a powerful force a place where thinking people ean act and interact, not just to share old knowledge but, to make new knowledge. And, in the course of makin2, new knowledge, these people are themselves remade and transformed. They become leaders-not just capable students, not just competent workers but, men and women with ideas of their own, ready to change the landscape of the future.

I wish them Good Luck!

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President of : Pramila Jaisingh Foundation, Pramila Jaisingh Management Institute, Pramila Jaisingh Ambulance, Pramila Jaisingh College of Commerce

I have the pleasure to hereby convey my consent to be taken on the Advisory Board/Council/Committee of your esteemed University. I am thankful for this association which would provide me an opportunity to - contribute towards fulfillment of your avowed mission to provide best quality education, training etc to the youth to become good professionals and be proud citizens of the country.

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Chief Minister of GOA

It is heartening to know that a university has been established in the sta`p of Meghalaya with an aim to work for the development of tribal areas by way of education. We wish you all the very best in your endeavour to bring quality education specially in the far east areas and contribute towards the development of our nation.

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Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

We are witnessing a phenomenal change in the education scenario. The chance has been both in terms of the content as well as the reach. The trend has been to instill the element of excellence in every field. The beat in every field of knowledge is being made available for the progress of the country. There has been a great spurt in the number of universities and colleges catering to millions of aspirants. In fact, this has been a very crucial moment for us to taking important and far reaching derisions to provide what is much needed for the student of the country.

We are aware of the need of our country to make her a knowledge based super power in the next decade or two. With this in view, we have stepped in to meet the present day academic milieu for the student community. The idea is to create opportunities in various fields by incorporating latest specialties of learning which would cater to the critical needs of the industry and economy. We foresee a close interaction among the universities, industries, business houses and association in modeling the content and skills. This will make education more and more vocational and skill based. This will surely result to better employability and greater productivity ultimately contributing to the nation's economy.

I am glad to know that to cater the need, Mahatma Gandhi University has been established and University is launching Bachelor's, Master's, Research and skill development programs and I hope that this University is a step forward in the direction of imparting quality education in the upcoming fields. I am sure it will open up new vistas of academic excellence for the budding youth.

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Vice-Chancellor Karnataka State Open University

I am pleased to know Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya has decided to launch various technical, professional and skill development programs.

It is high time for Universities to introduce job oriented courses along with value based higher education. It is heartening to know that the Mahatma Gandhi University has launched employable programs in Bachelor's, Master's, M.Phil and PH.D levels in many emerging fields. The new courses would enable students to acquire self entrepreneurial skills, I hope, I am sure the University will contribute substantially to the upgradation of skills of the people of Country with a focus on the youth and pave the way for all around prosperity of the Country.

I convey my best wishes for the success of Mahatma Gandhi University in their mission to serve the larger interest of the students of this region.

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Director, Higher & Technical Education Meghalaya, (Shillong)

21st century is essentially a century of knowledge. the lever of progress in this century is knowledge and not machine.From ancient India, we are blessed with legacy of having laid the foundations of mathematics, astronomy and metaphysics.

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Vice Chancellor, Uttarakhand Technical University

The enrollment ratio in higher education in India is close to 10.5% against the average International enrollment ration of 53%. It implies that 89.5% youth does not pursue higher education which is a big challenge for a highly populated and fastly developing country like India.

The Government of India has targeted to increase the Gross Enrollment Ration (GER) to 25%. This implies that we need to double our capacity for higher education. Besides other steps to achieve the above, the Government of India is also planning to increase more higher education institution to achieve this target from present 25% to 40%, thus there is a need of Universities.

We need to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth in education, skill development, health care, energy, agriculture and infrastructure. New solutions are required in many areas to reach such targets in expedient ways and making a good university is good solution.

I am happy that Mahatma Gandhi University is fast emerging as the leader in starting unique integrated and innovative programmes in Technology, Skill development, multimedia, Journalism Mass Communication and computer application.

We desire to accelerate quality intensive knowledge flow on the campus and ensure holistic development of our students intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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Professor of Management, Head & Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University, (Varanasi)

Socio-economic development of any society is the fruit of collective interventions in the Education sector. While primary and secondary levels education prepares the upcoming generations to take up future challenges, it is the higher education at the University level that decides the direction of future growth of the society. One of the biggest challenges faced by institutions of higher education across globe is to design an educational structure that can withstand the ever changing socio-cultural landscapes and enable the community it is serving to march ahead well with the time. The new generation-institutions always come up with great potential of meeting out this challenge.

I am extremely glad to hear about the constitution of a new University, Mahatma Gandhi University, in Meghalaya. The catchments area of this new University genuinely deserves special attention as regards developmental planning. The social responsibility, this new institution carrying, is extremely high. I am confident that being a new generation institution, Mahatma Gandhi University of Meghalaya will be able to effectively cope up with the challenges it face in transforming the society and will be able to disseminate education across known disciplines to the deserving younger generation of the country especially that of the North-Eastern region.

My best wishes for the entire staff members of the University. Hoping the see the University scaling new elevations and making remarkable contributions towards socio-economic well-being of the region.

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It gives me great pleasure to know that Mahatma Gandhi University has been established in the state of run various distance education programmes . Education is the cornerstone of development and ultimate upliftment of mankind.

I hope and wish that the establishment of such a University will go a longway in the development of tribal population in the North East and the rest of our country.

I wish the University great success in their endeavour

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Chief Minister, Gujarat

From the land of Mahatma Gandhi comes a message "Sa Vidya Ya Vemuktyeah" Gujrat the land of entrepreneurs has always been emphasizing on basic education to all children - especially Girl's Education, since the time of Pre-Independence.

It is the education which empowers down trodden and marginalized section of the society. The quality of education empowers today's youth to march ahead and establish themselves. Gujarat state has been promoting education through various programs like shaala praveshotsav, Gunotsav and kanya kelavni drive.

I convey my wishes to Mahatma Gandhi University - Meghalaya in their endeavor to empower youth of North East states especially to bring tribal and minority youth into mainstream development.

Shree Rajan Chopra, Chancellor
Mahatma Gandhi University,
13th Mile, G. S. Road,
Opp. Forest Training College,
Po & op-Byrnihat, PS - Nongpoh
District - Ri-Bhoi, Meghalaya

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Chief Minister, Gujarat

I am immensely pleased to share about the Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU, a premiere University of Higher Education and research, is continuing its march towards excellence in teaching, , research and extension activities and stands committed to providing access to higher education particularly to underprivileged and tribal section of society. Mahatma Gandhi University is an innovate, global and multidisciplinary University with a long tradition in providing excellence in education. It also aims to provide a market oriented, practical and professional education to its students. The University always emphasizes on vocational, practical oriented and functional education which his helpful to its students in a conceptualized way. Education at Mahatma Gandhi University is student-centric, flexible and industry relevant. Mahatma Gandhi University curriculum is industry based and updated from time to time to ensure overall development of students. I must congratulate the management of Mahatma Gandhi University in their sincere endeavor to provide truly professional education. I appreciate their commendable efforts in bringing value added education in India. By providing excellent courses and arming students with latest knowledge to face the challenges of globalization the institute has done a laudable contribution to the nation’s growth. I strongly urge all the students to take full advantage of the world class learning environment. I wish mahatma Gandhi University Godspeed and the very best that life has to offer.

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I am happy to note that the "Mahatma Gandhi University" is a dynamic learning environment, offering numerous courses including IT, Management, Traditional, Education, Professional and Skill Development Programmes. The courses offered are designed to tab and develop the creative intelligence and managerial skills of individuals, thereby producing potential professionals that will take part in the growth of their own as well as their Nation.

The University has taken an initiative to make education reach all individual irrespectibe of the confines of a classroom and make it available to the interested students. Their focus is to help students realize their full potential and acquire knowledge, values and skill sets and also develop aptitude required for the contemporary world of work.

I send my best wishes and greetings to everyone associated with Mahatma Gandhi University.

Wishing you good luck for further endeavors.

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